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Made to Rust

by Dumb Luck

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Over It 03:04
What’s going through your head Are you six feet under Or just over it Are you over it All this seething over something you can’t fix Indifferent to consequence Is another moment of silence gonna help you Get out of your head When will it end Is this really as bad as it gets Are you over it Are you missing something A hollow rotting inside of you Can’t be worse than before Where do you run Hardest thing you’ll ever do is change Hardest thing you’ll ever do is wait Are you over it It’s always the same This endless and empty shame On your knees in the dark Begging for mercy Help me please Crawling out of your skin Let the worry begin Beaten before But you’ll never give in
Told You So 02:33
It’s not like I’m not doing okay It’s just time to do better Bad timing, bad weather I’ll see you wherever you come to ground Whenever you want to be found out Silence is gold so why are you Still running your mouth If that’s all you wanted to say You can call me any old day Air your complaints and I’ll just Keep on looking the other way I wasn’t angry I just couldn’t help running away Saw me out just to say You’re not ready to come home 30 already feels so old A part of you knows I told you so If there’s something you need to know Come see me after the show Smoke a cigarette And make your way to the door
Lazarus 03:14
Headed for the state line Drunk kids on a school night Tall boys and boxed wine Little libertyyyynes We were uncaring We were unkind Let the engine run With the headlights on for light Nowhere to run Nowhere to hide It’s way too obvious We spend our days like Lazarus Laid to rest and made to rust Give it a little bit of time It’ll catch up to us You were always the little kid Hung up on stupid shit we did Never one to forgive and forget Always standing on the precipice Between being uncaring and being unkind Shivering in the cold Tried and failed to make up your mind Give it a little bit of time Until there’s no one left to remember us No one can ever know
Dependence 03:17
What is this poison in my head Anchored in the walls And blanketing the bed Let it sink in and linger Until there's nothing left inside of me to shelter I was always high Without you to tide me over Can I make it through the night With nothing left to hide Leave it lie there in my head Dormant in the walls And cast out from the bed Let it sink in and linger Break the mind that let it in And make it suffer I should know the signs Hold me underwater Drown me in my sleep No secrets left to keep Left to hide
Aurora 03:57
We boarded the windows Locked all the doors Took one long breath of fresh air Before crashing out on the floor We woke up in the morning The month had flown by But you know everything here looks better Covered in ice Aurora come out tonight I bought a ticket Hoping to use it To come up and see you When the snow had retreated But I’m not a nice guy And the temperature’s dropping It’s only April so I’ve got two months of waiting So come and see me whenever you get the message The house looks the same since the last time you came For a weekend in the summer camping out in the pouring rain I watched you dance in the great expanse Under an otherworldly green Told me you don’t believe in second chances So come meet me in Anchorage Aurora Don’t come around just to let me down You never feel warm It’s never all right Living on the edge of the neon light Trapped under ice Trying with all our might Come on and get me tonight You never feel warm when you never see light Living on the edge of the neon light Come and get me Aurora Don’t come around just to let me down
It's the little things Creeping up on me It's the little things Won't let me be Cracks in the wall I don't see them at all Just the little things Like how my mind plays tricks on me I close my eyes but it's all I see I'm counting my days til I get away From the little things Ghosts in the walls I don't hear them at all Just the little things And I know my mind’s playing tricks on me I close my eyes but it’s all I see
Tides 03:10
Are we playing at survival Cause it's sinking more than I care to admit And as the water flows around us It's always keep your chin up boy Face the torrent You're old enough to stop pretending There's no call to arms or world war pending It's in your teeth and in your bones Plan to reap just what you sow Final messages are on the wall No one will catch us when we fall You're old enough to stop pretending Tied those ropes around your arms And then you kept on sinking Into wave and into foam Wash over everything you know Final message is you're on your own No one will catch us when we fall And we're gonna fall Come on face the torrent
Blame 02:08
Is there a light Out there in the darkness Just beyond the glimpse of sight Where you lie awake at night Slowly bleed the days away Bleach your bones though nothing's stained Lay all your secrets bare to take the blame No one listens anyway Is there a light
Salinas 03:34
California’s calling me south side Salinas in July Step on the gas And let the motor reply Fall asleep in the front seat Lou Reed repeating Stephanie says That I hope It’s not always like this The drugs and the silence Trapped in my head Without trace of intent Of ever coming out of it Trade it all back All the rain in Oregon Just to be back home again I waited all autumn To find my way back to you But the further you go The more I lose control And I know that it’s already gone
I got a call today Said you're coming down to Clarksville I’m at the station just in time to miss you Every time you come to town I don’t see you around I’ve been pushing my luck trying to make ends meet Because no one gives a damn No good damn about me Not in the Cumberland Queen You don’t really want to stay the night Just fucked up and need a place to hide I won’t be taken by surprise No this ain’t my first ride I know you’ll never come around when you’re needed Always on the run, always falling I won’t be taken for granted Cause you know it ain’t me cause your ass to leave I’m so sick of this motel life Broken screens and menthol lights And no shine to anything Always recovering I don’t eat I don’t sleep Or wonder where you might be Treading water endlessly Until you come to bury me It's four in the morning Fog rolling in I’ve got orders to report To Fort Ord in a month And you’re moving back home Northward to Lebanon I park my red VW in front of your room Call the last known number where I could find you And I know there are some things that will never come That part isn’t new I’ve gotten used to waiting on you Waiting on you


Recorded and mixed by Nathan Lawson at Mudville Stadium
Mastered by Bill Henderson at Azimuth Mastering


released October 31, 2020

All songs by Dumb Luck

Ricky Carlson - drums and percussion
Caitlin Garets - bass and vocals
Justin Groft - guitar and vocals
Indiana Laub - guitar and jet engine


all rights reserved



Dumb Luck Corvallis, Oregon


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