by Dumb Luck

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released June 2, 2015

Recorded by Nathan Lawson



all rights reserved


dumb luck Corvallis, Oregon


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Track Name: Tides
are we playing at survival
cause it’s sinking more than I care to admit
and as the water flows around us
it’s always keep your chin up boy
face the torrent
you’re old enough to stop pretending
there’s no call to arms or world war pending
it’s in your teeth and in your bones
plan to reap just what you’ve sown
final messages are on the wall
no one will catch us when we fall
you’re old enough to stop pretending
you tied those ropes around your arms
then you kept on sinking
into wave and into foam
wash over everything you know
final message is you’re on your own
no one will catch us when we fall
Track Name: Cut Thin
you were cut so thin
like paper stood on end
catching fire on the edge of your bed
sucked in like a moth to light
stripped down to the bone tonight
you’re never gonna get it right
you were cut so thin
all skin and limb
coughed up a story like you’d never see me again
lack of sleep or a lack aiming
taught you how to stand on the ceiling
when it splits you’ll end up where you’re leaning
you should’ve learned by now
there’s no use in running when the fire comes to town
just gonna burn it down
you were cut so thin
dangling your legs on the edge
a set of eyes in the back of your head
you said “i can see the room from right where i stand”
Track Name: Wolves
the sun finally came out today
winter left its mark and will remain
folded up inside like a cancer on the brain
but if you tear down these walls
i’ll do the same
it’s been a long time
since you felt like you were whole
running circles like a rat
and now everybody knows
you won’t come back until you find yourself
a little peace of mind
when it comes i hope
a little sticks this time
lift the wolves out from your coat
feel them feed upon your throat
gnash and burn inside until you feel some hope
Track Name: Broken
all i know is falling apart
and the things i can’t remember
i was so sure i kept to heart
now the weight of your words
are falling down on me
and the people keeping me up in life
i’m cutting down to break free
like someone replaced my heart
with broken parts
because i turn the key but never seem to start
now this little voice haunts me in the dark
says “when you left him there you left him there to rot”
i should’ve listened
i should’ve seen
when the light fell from your eyes
i should’ve intervened
all i know is falling apart
and you can try all you want
but you can’t fight decay with your arms
so make for the exit
make for the door
before i pull this house down brick by brick
like settling an old score
and i replace all of you
with broken parts
until you can’t scream or even feel the darts
i’ll make a world of fucked up cars that never start
and i’ll leave you there to rot
Track Name: Four Corners
please forgive me
if for all my ignorance
i can’t help but believe
this is a program
this is a farce
you’re just too damn scared to ask
who holds the cards
so busy studying your neighbors knees
holding up your piety
for an idol you don’t see
or believe
this is a church
this is its steeple
its filled with ivory walls
and hollow people
is there no end to what
you won’t see
as the serpent’s eye looks down upon
you say amen to he
from the victim of human law
hung on wooden beams to your belief
so brush up on your history
it’s a new disease
please forgive me
if for all this ugliness
i can’t help but see
there will be no progress
no leap forwards
until your empire burns down
and we move forward
Track Name: Sink, Sink, Sink
fear it cuts like a knife
burns under your skin
and it builds up
you’ll never keep it in
they drag you into a corner
drill into your skull
it’s been do this and do that
since the day you were born
are you sinking into the undertow
they’ll turn the room so cold
you’ll be nothing but another asshole
to turn the collar on
you fear death when you rise
you fear death when you sleep
there’s no surprise it’s getting harder
to remember a thing
we’ll send the water to cleanse
the fire to breathe
and we’ll go on to remove everything
we’ll sink down into the undertow
let the sun go cold there’ll be nothing left of our shadows
for us to call our own
it just goes on and on